Rear Hinge & Service Tool

This section is dedicated to the rear hinge service parts and tool.

Brompton rear hinge, except for the P/T line, is consisted of a stainless steel spindle, held by two bushings, and secured by two screws and nylon washers at both ends.

The new P/T line has a similar rear hinge design. The dimensions of the spindle, bushings, and washers are the same. Instead of having two opposing screws tightened against the internally threaded spindle, the P/T line uses a hollow titanium spindle, and a thru bolt secured to the drive size frame.

With use, both the bushings and the spindle will wear, and gradually developing lateral plays on the rear triangle. According to Brompton service guide, when the lateral movement of the rear triangle exceeds 5mm, it is time to service the rear hinge. Typcial service involves replacing the bushings, or the bushings and the spindle.  

After the old bushings are removed, and the new bushings pressed in, the bushings needs to be reamed to precise diamter to closely match the size of the spindle.   

We have two specifications for the rear hinge spindle kit - differentiate by the sizes of the reamers. 

9.50mm diamter reamer
9.55mm (3/8") diameter reamer (i.e., same as Brompton dealer tool)

It is very important to select the spindle kit according to the reamer you have or intend to purchase.  

Bushings used are the same in both cases.  In the case of P/T line, the same bushings can be used.