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Special Reamer for Brompton Rear Hinge Bushings

Special Reamer for Brompton Rear Hinge Bushings

Size Price Quantity  
9.50mm $55 Sold out
9.55mm $65 Add to cart
Brompton Spec $65 Add to cart
The Brompton rear hinge bushings, after being pressed-in, need to be reamed prior to the installation of the hinge spindle. Most reamers on the market do not have long enough cutting length to ream the bushings on both sides at the same time. This custom made reamer does exactly that, and is also double piloted for more precise cutting and ease of use.

There are 3 specifications:
1. 9.50mm : for use with 9.50mm spindle kit
2. 9.55mm : for use with 9.55mm spindle kit
3. Brompton Spec :  for use with Brompton factory spindle kit

Please select the reamer size, according to the rear hinge spindle kit you have or intend to purchase. For original Brompton spindle kits, please select the Brompton Spec reamer.

- Effective length: 80mm
- Overall length: 230mm
- Material: High Speed Steel, Heat Treated
- Six flutes
- Including storage case


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