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SP Hub Dynamo SV-9
SP Hub Dynamo SV-9
SP Hub Dynamo SV-9
SP Hub Dynamo SV-9
SP Hub Dynamo SV-9
SP Hub Dynamo SV-9
SP Hub Dynamo SV-9
SP Hub Dynamo SV-9

SP Hub Dynamo SV-9

Reg. $ 132 USD
Sale $ 104.5 USD

108.6 EUR
96.9 GBP
15234 JPY
3323 TWD

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    Shutter Precision (SP) started in 2007, is a relatively new comer in the dynamo hub business. However, despite being new, their products have proven to be reliable and earned large number of favourable reviews worldwide. In addition to marketing their own label, they also produce for others. There are reportings that SP hubs that have been running for more than 20,000 km without issues. 

    The SV-9, being slightly larger than a golf ball and weighing only 305g, is the smallest and the lightest dynamo hub we know. In contrast the Shimano and SON dynamo hubs fitted as factory options weigh in at 490g and 390g, respectively. Yet, at the same time, the SV-9 offers very low drag and is also one of the most efficient hub dynamo on the market. According to 3rd party test results, the SP dynamos are typically rated at >65% efficiency at 15 km/h.
    The SV-9 meets German StZVO standard, and is rated at 6V/3W for 20” wheel.
    The version of SV-9 we carry is specifically for Brompton with 74mm axle width and 8mm axle diameter. The axle length is also sufficiently long to accommodate safety clip and mudguard stay.
    - Lightest hub dynamo at 305g
    - Eletrically efficient and reliable
    - Priced to move
    - 2 years warranty 
    Electrical Output:   6V / 3W comforming to German road traffic regulations (StVZO)
    German Mark of Conformity ~K 961 for 16" - 20"
    Efficiency:   >65% at 15 km/h
    No Load Power Input:  0.65 Watt at 20 km/h
    Axle: Ø8mm hollow axle, Length 86mm
    Bearings Sealed bearings x2
    Hub Shell 6000 series AL alloy
    Spoke PCD 45mm
    Spoke Drillings 28H
    O.L.D. 74mm
    Weight 305 g (without skewer)

    Warranty 2 years

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