Kinlin NB-R double wall rim - 16
Kinlin NB-R double wall rim - 16
Kinlin NB-R double wall rim - 16

Kinlin NB-R double wall rim - 16" x 1-3/8" (349) - Black/Black (Clearance)

Reg. $ 28 USD
Sale $ 20 USD

18.8 EUR
16.1 GBP
3109 JPY
646 TWD


Introduction Spec

    Despite having 40 years of history, Kinlin mostly OEM for other wheel brands, and itself is less well known to consumers. However, if you look hard, you will find Kinlin rims are quite popular amongst the wheelbuilders. The reason is their excellent quality and price point. And the NB-R is no exception. Weiging in at 230g, NB-R (349x13) is the lightest 16" rim we are aware off, perfect for the titianium and weight weenie Bromptons. When properly built into wheels with sufficient spokes, they can still be very strong, more than capable of handle the everyday urban terrains. However, if you are big and powerful, for example over 100 kg, and like to pedal out of seat, or would like to go on a long tour, you may wish to consider more wider and taller rims. 

    Key features:
    - 16"x1-3/8" (349x13)
    - Proprietary alloy, making it super stiff for its weight
    - Double wall construction
    - CNC braking surface with (Shimano style) safety indicator 
    - Single stainless steel eyelets
    - Schrader valve 
    - 28H drilling
    - Includes a rim tape
    - Should only be used with Schwalbe Kojak 32-349

    This is the Black version with Black eyelets.
    External width: 19mm
    Internal width: 13mm
    Depth: 19 mm
    ERD: 330, including wall thickness and eyelets
    Drilling: 28H
    Schrader valve
    Double wall construction

    Weight: 230g ± 10g


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