Replacement Hinge Spindles for Stems
Replacement Hinge Spindles for Stems
Replacement Hinge Spindles for Stems

Replacement Hinge Spindles for Stems

Size Price Quantity  
6.0mm $6.5 Add to cart
6.1mm $6.5 Add to cart
6.2mm $6.5 Add to cart
6.35mm $6.5 Sold out
Replacement Hinge Spindles for Stems  - Length 53mm
  • Made from the same stainless steel as factory spindles
  • Length 55mm, see further explanations below
  • Available in 4 diameters, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, and 6.35mm, see further explanations below 

Spindle Lengths:

Please note that Brompton redesigned the main frame and stems along with the hinges in 2004. Some of the bikes produced during 2004 may still have the older type hinges. Please make sure the type of hinges you have and choose the correct spindles. See photos.
Spindle diameters:
The original spindles fitted in the factory are 6.0mm in diameter. Unless the hinges were in good condition before being taken apart (carefully) for example for repainting, it is likely that a new larger diameter spindle is required upon re-assembly.
We have spindles available in 4 diameters:
6.0mm – choose this when there are no wear/no play in existing hinges
6.1mm – choose this if there is a small play in existing hinges
6.2mm – choose this if there is large amount of movement in existing hinges
6.35mm – choose this if previous smaller diameter spindles were installed and have again worn.
When the hinges are worn, usually they are not worn evenly. In order to use a larger diameter spindle, the full length of the hinge bore must  be enlarged, using a same size drill bit. We have the drill bits available here.
If you have questions regarding spindle selection, please feel free to contact us.

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