Rear Hinge Spindle Kit
Rear Hinge Spindle Kit
Rear Hinge Spindle Kit

Rear Hinge Spindle Kit

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1892 JPY

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  • Black bolts
  • Silver bolts
This kit is for refreshing / refurbishing the Brompton rear hinge spindle.

The bushings on the rear hinge are wear items.  If your rear frame moves frome side to side by more than 4mm, as suggested by Brompton, it is time to examine the rear frame hinge. In most cases, the nylon bushings are worn out. In severe cases, the stainless steel spindle may also be worn.

This kit includes the following parts:
- Stainless steel hinge spindle
- Steel/nylon bushings (x2)
- Teflon washer (x2), (Available in 1.7mm and 1.85mm thicknesses)
- OE grade steel bolts, (x2)  (Available in chrome silver, or black)
Most bikes use standard 1.7mm thick washer. For those bikes that have black washers as fitted from factory, please choose the 1.85mm version.

We believe the best way to install the bushings is to press them in, using use a proper length M8 bolt together with nuts and washers. If you don't have access to one. They are available here.

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