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Sturmey Archer HTR145 Ball Ring Spanner

Sturmey Archer HTR145 Ball Ring Spanner

Sale $ 27 USD

24 EUR
22 GBP
2846 JPY
848 TWD

Introduction Spec

    It is common safety practice not to join the chain by re using the pins. This is especially true for higher speed chains where the out plates are thin. The solution is to use the "quick links". But to install and remove these "quick links", you will need this tool. These pliers are compatbile with the "quick links" by various chain makers, inlcuding Shimano, KMC, SRAM, YBN, Sun Race, just to name a few.
    Note that the "quick links" typically have a limited number of times that they can be installed and removed. If they become loose enough such that they can be installed and removed by bare hand, it is likely that those "quick links" have worn and it's time to replace.
    Sturmey Archer HTR145 Classic Ball Ring Sapnner
    Compatible Sturmey Archer gear hubs, including BSR, BWR, S-RF3, S-RF5(W), etc. 
    Internal diameter of the tool is 58mm, with 2 notches.

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